You can view an excerpt of this film as part of my 5 minute demo reel.

Images of two women making love are juxtaposed with dreamy scenes of city life, illuminating the contrast between public and private life that many women, lesbians in particular, share. A rich soundtrack combines vocals by Judea Eden with ambient elements and an original funky trip-hop score.

“This well-crafted work of art turned me on, made me wet and stimulated my good taste in art.” -Annie Sprinkle

“I loved watching it, I liked the feel of it…. It made me feel sexy” -Nan Kinney, Producer, Fatale Video

“Sexy, sensuous and a pleasure to look at, bed. has raised the bar for lesbian erotica and porn.” -Judith Redding in Curve Magazine, September 1999

“Wow! Very cool. Leder breaks new ground in experimental territory with assured cinematography and direction– getting to the heart of lesbian sex and a new vision of erotica for women…” -Matthew Cibellis, Reel Affirmations Film Festival Director

“…layered and rough and frenzied and edgy….hot lesbian sex.” -Tristan Taormino, Editor Best Lesbian Erotica series


Austin Lesbian & Gay Video & Film Festival, 1999
Barcelona International Exhibition of Gay and Lesbian Films, 2000
Berlin Lesbian Film Festival, 1999
Brussels Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, 2000
Cinematheque de Toulouse, 2000
Estrange Festival (Paris), 2000
Euro Underground Film Festival, 2000
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Milwaukee Lesbian & Gay Film & Video Festival, 1999
Milwaukee Lesbian & Gay Film & Video Festival,2000
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OutWrite Queer Writers Conference, Boston, 1999
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Toronto – Inside Out , 1999
Vancouver’s Out On Screen Film Festival 2000
Vienna Queer Film Festival, 2001
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Women Make Waves Film Festival – Taiwan, 2000.