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Full Frame: Aggregate Space in Oakland

I’m thrilled to be showing Object Number One in Full FRame at Aggregate Space this January.

Full Frame
1st Annual Open Call for Works in Video
3 January – 8 February 2014

Aggregate Space Gallery is pleased to present this selection of works from our inaugural open call for time-based media. By choosing to forgo a themed call, a cohesive show was grown out of individual relationships between the 40+ submissions. What floated to the top was a group of works that use the screen not as a mirror or magnifying glass, but as a frame that encapsulates the unseen. Although each individual piece has uniquely focused subject matter, they all ask that your attention not rest on just the current screen, but a world beyond.

Featuring works by Pabi Chulo, Rachel Clarke, Omer Gal, Evie Leder, Julia Litman-Cleper, Dave Meyers, and Collin McKelvey.

Opening Reception
3 January 6-10pm

First Friday Event
7 February 5-8pm

Featherboard Writing Series Reading and Reception
Featuring Writer-in-Residence Niki Korth
8 February 5pm