Kaddish for Irene

With this large abstract video installation I reflect on my sister’s life. Video made from a circle of lights—a wheel, an eye, a flower, the sun—I conjure what could have been. Cables braided and connected to the custom electronics that play the video, which is a series of colors with jump cuts between.

STILL: Kaddish for Irene 2018
Video, LEDs, custom electronics, Raspi, FadeCandy, black cable braid, aluminum 3d printing

My slightly older sister was raped at 13. She had a very difficult life and OD’d at 38. I made this work to mark her memory. Altering the video frame into a hand built 8’ circle of colors from video bouncing off the black wall. 

I’m teasing apart video as a medium, pixel by pixel. Bending the the rectangle, which is driven by patriarchy.  I removed the figure, and focus on the materials of color, light, form in honor of my sisters life.

Creation of this work was supported by the San Francisco Arts Commission Individual Artist Grant